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A Change in Direction

Palisade’s Recreation, Events, and Programs

Recreation: noun

1. Refreshment by means of some pastime, agreeable exercise, or the like.

2. A pastime, diversion, exercise, or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment.

     Recreation is about experiencing connection.

     When we participate in recreation, we are able to connect with something and disconnect from other things. If you are riding your bike you might be connecting with the trail or maybe you’re in tune with how your suspension is absorbing the bumps. While swimming laps in the pool, you might be hyper focused on your breathing or perfecting your stroke as you move through the water. During Yoga you could be focusing on your breathing - the movement – and quieting your brain.

Recreation is also about connecting with others. When we choose to participate in activities with others, the people and the experience are forever intertwined.  Think about some of these experiences… laughing with friends while trying to play disc golf… the first time you and a friend summited a mountain… the fun times with friends on a wine tour… who you were with when you completed the Rim Trail… the group that tried paddle boarding for the first time… those times hunting or fishing with your Grandad… or the first picnic with your child.  

     The location where the recreation takes place also has a lasting impact on our lives. Remember when you were a kid, those trips to the public pool… the porch swing at grandma’s house… Easter egg hunts in the park... the first time you floated the river in a tube… that favorite camping spot and all those s’mores that were made on the campfire… those are all memories of a place, an activity, and the people that were sharing that experience with us.

     Recreation has a tremendous role in our overall happiness and that happiness is rooted in the connections that it provides. We as humans crave connection. There is a term that is gaining popularity called Social Capital. Social Capital can be defined as: the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively. The stronger the level of Social Capital, the stronger the individual and the stronger the community is. Being connected to our neighbors and our community is very important to our overall happiness. Even in the old west, neighbors and community came together to help raise a barn, pick crops, brand cows… celebrate the good and comfort during the hard times. Connection is key.

This new direction in Palisade is to provide more opportunities to connect through recreation. We want to capitalize on the unique opportunities for recreation that Palisade and its surrounding area can offer.  Our hope is to bring people together, have fun, and form lasting connections.

Now let’s get out of the house and go play!

Troy Ward, Event and Program Coordinator

 May 2019 Rec Calendar

 May 2019 Yoga Calendar

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Adult 1-hour Yoga    

Resident         Nonresident    Punch card   -   Resident / Nonresident        

                                    $8                    $10                  6 sessions             $42    /     $48

Gentle Yoga                Christine          Thursday 6 pm                        Community Center

Intermediate Yoga     Sandy               Monday 6 pm                         Community Center

Intermediate Yoga     Teri                  Wednesday 9 am                    Community Center

Power Flow Yoga       Arava               Friday 4:30 pm                        Community Center

Gentle Yoga - Yoga for EVERYbody is an all-inclusive safe environment for any level. This class will revitalize, strengthen and tone your body and mind with benefits to your balance, concentration and sleep. Gentle yoga offers adapted options for people with stiff bodies, injuries and/or active and strong bodies, with a mindful, breath and alignment-based approach. Props are provided to assist you wherever you are in your practice.                                                                                                                For more information visit:   www.christinemooreshimmyogini.com                                                        

Intermediate Yoga – Wake up your mind and spirit with a slow vinyasa, offering deeper variations while holding each pose. Props and modifications are encouraged. Increase both flexibility and strength while improving posture and provide room for healing and relaxation.                                                    

Power Flow Yoga - Start your weekend with an invigorating yoga practice! Build strength, increase flexibility and balance, and cultivate a calm mind. This class is designed to explore the link between breath and movement through flowing sun salutations, playful arm balances, challenging core work and detoxifying twists. We will have an emphasis on keeping the body safe and approaching postures with proper alignment - these are keys to enjoying a long-term yoga practice. All levels are welcome in this Power Flow Yoga class.


Adult 1 .5-hour Yoga             

Resident         Nonresident                         Punch card                                                                                                  

$10                  $12                10 - $100 +1 free, 20 - $180 +2 free

Demi’s Yoga                Demi               Tuesday 9-10:30 am               Community Center

Demi's Yoga classes are open to all levels and abilities.  You will learn poses that will help you align, stretch, open and strengthen your body.  Breathing practices and meditation are also emphasized to support you in yoga and in life.  You will leave relaxed, revitalized and connected with a wonderful community. Come try it out – first class is free!




Resident          Nonresident    Punch card   -   Resident / Nonresident        

                                    $8                    $10                  6 sessions             $42     /       $48

POP Pilates                 Elise                 Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-8:30 am    Community Center

POP Pilates – Start your mornings off with a powerful fusion of music, strength and choreography that takes classical Pilates to the next level. POP Pilates is a dance on the mat. Low-impact, high energy that will work the entire body from head to toe.




Resident          Nonresident                Senior 

               $5                    $8                                $3

Zumba            Dave                Tuesday           6 pm                            Community Center

                                                Thursday         10 am                          Community Center

Zumba – An international exercise fitness program that involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. The choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mabo.

Meals on Wheels Lunch

            Tuesday 11:30-1 pm               60+ free or $3.50 donation     Under age 60 - $11

            Enjoy a great meal and wonderful fellowship with others. Everyone is welcome.

            For reservations, call 243-9844 ext. 2           

Wednesday Early Release with Renaya                                 Cost varies based on required supplies

Creative Kids – Kids experience the outdoors with crafts and DIY projects                             2/6 – 3/13

Sports Camp – Kids will play indoor games like basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey       3/27 – 4/24

May around the World – Learn about new cultures by trying new foods and games     5/1 – 5/22

Palisade Pickle Ball    

            Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday                   1-3 pm             Peach Bowl Park courts


What is Pickle Ball?   Pickle Ball is a paddle sport (similar to a racquet sport) that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Two to four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated ball (polymer ball, similar to a Whiffle Ball) over a net. The sport shares features of other racquet sports, the dimensions and layout of a badminton court, and a net and rules somewhat similar to tennis, with several modifications. Pickle Ball was invented in the mid-1960s as a children’s backyard pastime.

Come have some fun and play a game that’s suitable for all ages!

            Never played? We got you covered. Contact: Wanda Robinson 970-216-6559

            Adult Beginner Clinic              Saturday May 11th         9-11 am           $10      Gym

            Youth Beginner Clinic             Thursday June 6th       10-12 pm           $5        Gym

            Youth Clinic                             Saturday June 8th       10-12 pm           $5        Gym

Hiking - Morning                                Resident          Nonresident    Senior Nonresident Senior           Thursdays      8am-12 pm           $7                    $9                    $5        $7

Transportation provided – Meet at Community Center parking lot


April 4             Hiking, Steve’s Loop - 4.3 miles, easy

Steve's Loop is part of the Kokopelli Trail System located south of Interstate 70 between Loma and Mack. Steve's Loop might be the most scenic of all the trails in the Kokopelli system though it has a lot of competition.

April 11           Hiking, Gunnison Bluffs Trail - 4.5 miles, easy

The Gunnison River Bluffs trail is popular with hikers, bikers, joggers and equestrians alike. It is a place where you can exercise in your own way and let your dog loose for a good run. There are plenty of signs to keep you on the right trail. There are also plenty of side trails available if you want to go off on your own.

April 18           Kokopelli Trails, Rustler’s Loop - 3.5 miles, easy

This desert trail is part of the Kokopelli Trail Systems in Loma. It climbs briefly to a plateau that winds around to an overlook of the Colorado River. The trail follows the river and gradually winds back around to the trailhead. This hike will end at a Fruita coffee shop.

April 25           Palisade Rim Trail - 5-6 miles, intermediate

This Palisade trail switchbacks up to a plateau above the town and Colorado River. The hike will go around the Lower Rim Trail and circle back.


     Story Time – Palisade Library

            Tuesday          10-11 am                     Mesa County Public Library – Palisade Branch

Story time supports emerging language and pre-reading skills by engaging the hearts and minds of children ages 0-5. Alongside their grown-up curious children delight in stories, songs, movements, and social interactions. Story Time is free fun activity provided by the Mesa County Libraries – Palisade Branch - 119 W. 3rd Street Palisade.

     Dogs Ears Reading Program – Kids Read to Dogs!


April 5th           4-5 pm                         Mesa County Public Library – Palisade Branch

May 3rd           4-5 pm                         Mesa County Public Library – Palisade Branch

June 7th           4-5 pm                         Mesa County Public Library – Palisade Branch

There are DOGS in the Library!

Join us for our new reading program “Dog Ears,” as we introduce registered therapy dogs who love to hear stores.

Register your child for a 15-minute time slot, and he or she can read to a dog undisturbed. Bring a favorite story or choose from our selection.

We have a limited number of opportunities to read to a therapy dog, so register early! To register, please inquire during your next visit to the library or by calling 970-243-4442.

     Writers Discussion

            Saturday         April 20th         2 pm    Mesa County Public Library – Palisade Branch

The Writing Process & Self-Publishing – Join local author Karen McKee in a discussion about the process of writing and publishing a new book.




     Playtime @ Pressed Coffee

            Thursday’s      10 am

  A great time for children to have some fun and a time for parents to connect!


     Palisade High School’s Sources of Strength walk @ Primary Care Partners

            Saturday         April 13th         10 am -1 pm   


     Parent education on the dangers of teen vaping @ Palisade High School


           Monday          April 29th         Time: TBD

Parent’s come learn about vaping devices, youth vaping in Mesa County, and how to   talk to your kids about vaping. Contact: healthymesacounty@mesacounty.us


Coming Soon!

           Strength Training   -   Artistic Classes         -      Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

           Beginner Disc Golf at Riverbend                 -      Skate & Bike Park Skills Enhancement    

Archery Lessons at the Cameo Range       -       Meet up for Beginner Mountain Bike Rides

Expanding Pickle Ball Courts & Play          -       And More!      

For more information visit:      



or call 970-464-5602

To sign up for the Town Of Palisade newsletter and Recreational updates email:

mgossage@townofpalisade.org or tward@townofpalisade.org